KMUZ’s Winter Pledge Drive Is February 6th – 12th! (And It Begins With YOU!)

0129203_PE283223_S5KMUZ is very excited to begin 2016 with the challenges and thrills that come with community radio.  Over the last four years we have created Hand Made & Home Grown Radio the same way a community garden comes together: everyone grabbed something and pitched in.  Without listener support from the people that we affect the most, KMUZ wouldn’t have the vibrant schedule or the the entertaining shows that you have come to expect.  We can do this, because of you.

Between February 6th – 12th, we are having our annual Pledge Drive, and we need you to help keep KMUZ alive.  Imagine living in a world where local media covered the issues you cared about, played music that you loved, and featured personalities that you have come to think of as friends.  That world is possible, and it begins with the person in the mirror: you.  With your direct support, KMUZ can bring you shows like Willamette Wake-Up five times a week, offer unique music programs you won’t hear anywhere else (like More Accordion on Wednesdays at 2 PM), and focus on radio that is made right here in the mid-valley.  This is your chance to help make local radio great again, and all you have to do is Pledge.

Listen to our Pledge Drive this year, between February 6th – 12th, and when you are ready to make a pledge to KMUZ, you will help keep Hand Made & Home Grown radio on the air in the mid-valley.  Just click the link above, or use the PayPal links to the right, or you can call 503.990.6101 during the drive itself.  And afterward, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see the person who saved KMUZ’s Winter Pledge Drive.

Thank you.

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birthday1Can you believe it? The little radio station that could…did…and keeps going. KMUZ continues to grow and mature each day. Thanks to volunteer effort and community support, KMUZ has positioned itself to be the “go to” place for regional music, local news-maker interviews, announcements about fun events and other locally-relevant information.

The idea for KMUZ was spawned in 2007 while the nation was in the middle of a great recession. Despite the odds, the mid-Valley wanted KMUZ to survive. Many people contributed their dollars and time for an idea – a media source that is owned by and operated for the people who live here. On December 17, 2011, the idea came to fruition. Many waited with baited breath as the first strains of “(Do You Remember) Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio” by the Ramones broadcast over 88.5 FM. Three years later, the little station that could expanded its listener base with a translator located in South Salem – 100.7 FM.

In the past four years, the organization behind KMUZ trained close to 200 people to create radio shows – from working the master control board, to recording interviews, and learning the legal requirements to broadcast. Listeners reap the benefits when they tune in by hearing a broad range of music, learning about local civic and nonprofit groups’ projects and being guests themselves, because, after all, this radio station is about US!

The people behind KMUZ have shown we can do it; now we are preparing for the long haul. The governing board (Willamette Information News and Entertainment Services, a.k.a. WINES) is starting to plan for “bench strength” in the organization. We are looking for leaders and other long-term committed individuals to join us make KMUZ the best radio station in the mid-Valley.

If YOU would like to directly impact the effectiveness of KMUZ, wish us a happy birthday with a year-end donation (click “donate now” on the website) or by contacting to see other ways you can help.

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The KMUZ Governing Board Gets Ready For Changes

The only thing we can count on in this life is change. At KMUZ this is almost a daily occurrence. For a young organization, change usually means growth and development. After this year’s half day retreat, combined with its regular November meeting, the board itself is changing and preparing for change.

The big news is that KMUZ’s Prime mover and founding board president, Karen Holman, is leaving the governing board. At the board retreat she said, “My passion for KMUZ is as strong as ever before, and as I step down from the board I plan to continue contributing to the station in ways that match my skills and interests with what we need.” Karen will still be an influential figure at KMUZ—hosting two shows and sitting on the Program Review Committee—but we will no longer see her and Griffin the corgi at our monthly Monday meetings. The board will soon be looking for a new member that meets the needs we recently identified as important for board governance.



The focus of this year’s annual retreat was succession planning. A succession plan gives the board guidelines and procedures that allow us to function if a key member of the organization leaves. One thing we decided…our general manager and chief engineer should not be allowed to ride in the same car together!
Humor aside, being prepared for these kinds of changes is a critical piece of board governance. We identified the tasks of key volunteers and we will spend the first half of 2016 developing succession planning. KMUZ volunteers may be hearing from us to step up and help as we match skill sets to tasks which will help us continue to cultivate our community radio station.

happy_birthday_text_208012Early Birthday Gift!

KMUZ will be four years old on December 17th! And thanks to Walton Charitable Trust, KMUZ recently received an early birthday gift – a grant that allowed us to purchase microphones and other equipment to capture better sound during live remote broadcasts!

If YOU would like to wish KMUZ a happy birthday with a contribution to keep KMUZ alive and growing, donate on line or send a check to KMUZ-FM / P.O. Box 12038 / Salem OR / 97309. Thanks in advance for your tax deductible donation!

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November brings new programs and schedule shifts to KMUZ


Monday, November 2nd, unveils the first of a handful of changes to the scheduled programming on the mid-Willamette Valley’s Community Radio Station. Arlene McKenna’s African & World music review, Mundo Mojo, will no longer be heard Monday afternoon at 2pm. The popular show is not coming to an end; it’s just moving to Wednesday afternoon. No replacement program has been scheduled as yet, but stay tuned for updates. Radio Exotica will continue to report in from the Island starting at 4pm.

Our new Wednesday line-up ought to make your radio tap its foot & smile. Mundo Mojo will now be heard between 3 to 5pm, following Tara Hathaway’s More Accordion. Bob Howell, host of The Real Thing, slides into the commute /cocktail hour between 5 and 7pm. But don’t worry, he’ll be keepin’ it real! The remainder of our existing Wednesday evening schedule stays the same starting with Rick’s Sonic Quarry at 7pm.

Friday morning Theatre Talk and Talking About Art move from 8:30am to 9:05, right after the Community Calendar at 9am. On the first and third Friday each month, CCTV’s Reel Film Snobs shifts from 8:00am to 9:30, following Theatre Talk. A new program on KMUZ, Music and Movies with Michael Beard, rounds out our new Film Friday feature slot on the 2nd & 4th Fridays each moth, running from 9:30 to 11:00am.



OPBMUSIC002ORIGWell known as Oregon’s flagship NPR and news-oriented public radio service, Oregon Public Broadcasting also offers an edgy, northwest-focused indie rock music stream on KOPB’s HD2 digital audio channel called opbmusic. This music service can’t be received in Salem, not until midnight on November 15th, that is. Working in partnership, the mid-Valley’s KMUZ and OPB will bring opbmusic to the airwaves at 88.5 & 100.7 FM every night between midnight and 6am.

Nighthawks in Salem, Keizer and environs will have a great reason to stay up late to tune in to this au currant music stream.

KMUZ has always prioritized the airplay of local and Northwest musicians on many of our programs. The addition of opbmusic to our overnight schedule tightens that focus on regional musicians and artists.

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Community Radio Station Boosts Coverage

kmuztranslator001KMUZ to launch repeater service for Salem & Keizer

Starting at 10am, Saturday, January 24th, the music and programs featured on KMUZ will be beaming into Salem and Keizer on a new, stronger frequency, 100.7 FM. KMUZ will still broadcast at 88.5 FM for East Marion County and parts of Polk and Linn counties, but 100.7 will reach Salem and Keizer listeners.

According to KMUZ Board President Melanie Zermer, “We were given a huge boost in building this new translator by a grant from the Marion County Community Project Fund. We’re grateful for both the financial support and the County’s recognition of the public service nature of our programming.”

Programmed by volunteer hosts and DJs, KMUZ is a non-commercial and independent community radio station. Funded primarily by listeners, KMUZ’s mission is to celebrate the people, culture and civic life of the mid-Willamette Valley. “Our vision is to be a local resource to assist service organizations and non-profits, as well as our municipalities, to communicate with their constituencies.” said Zermer, “Our volunteer DJs present music from all genres. Everything from Zydeco to Celtic to Indie Rock can be heard on KMUZ, most with a local flavor.”

“The existing transmitter at 88.5 FM delivers a good signal to some 34,000 mid-valley residents, none of whom live in Salem,” said Dave Hammock, Project Manager. “Our new translator will send a stronger signal to better than 200,000 additional people, including almost everyone in Salem and Keizer.”

KMUZ is a non-commercial, independent community radio service owned and operated by a local non-profit organization, Willamette Information, News & Entertainment Service (WINES). The operations of this 501(c)(3) corporation are funded almost exclusively by donations from listeners and underwriting from area businesses.


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Help KMUZ earn donations by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards card!

Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. Here’s how the program works:

  • Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to KMUZ Community Radio at You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number (91314).
  • Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping KMUZ earn a donation!
  • You still earn your own Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do today.
  • If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.
  • For more information, please visit

KMUZ thanks Fred Meyer for approving our application to receive community awards!

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Hand-crafted Artisan Radio

Local, independent and non-commercial
Serving the mid-Willamette Valley
88.5 FM and

Voted “Best Radio Station”2012 and 2013!

KMUZ-SummerBrochureInsideWhat is KMUZ?
KMUZ 88.5 FM is a listener-supported, all-volunteer community radio station licensed in Turner, Oregon.  Our signal reaches throughout the mid-Willamette Valley, from Salem to Albany, from Stayton to Monmouth and even includes the Santiam Canyon.  Our mission is to celebrate and connect communities through locally-produced talk shows, information, music, and events.

Who runs this radio station?
KMUZ is 100% local!  Residents of the mid-Willamette Valley are our DJs, program hosts, fundraisers, technicians, and office staff.  This is a grassroots operation that was created to provide a voice for our community. We have a Board of Directors who makes executive decisions that are in the best interest of strengthening our home-grown community station.

What you’ll hear…
KMUZ is a collective of passionate individuals who share their knowledge of music, public affairs, cultural arts and local events.  The diverse program schedule has something for everyone and continues to expand. To discover more about our programs, you can find our schedule on  Tune in to find out why we were voted “Best Radio Station” in a Statesman Journal reader’s poll in 2012 and 2013, our first two years of being on the air!

How you can get involved with KMUZ
Stream online at or tune in to 88.5 FM and you’ll discover your community through radio.  If you’d like to delve in even further and become a KMUZ volunteer, contact us at There is always plenty to do!  Help us with fund raising activities.  Take our training and become a DJ yourself.  Assist with carpentry, maintenance or projects at the station or transmitter site.  Join our tech team and work on our computers and audio equipment.  Help us in the office with administrative tasks. And you can make a tax-deductible donation to support KMUZ on-line or by mail.

We want YOU as part of our radio community!

Sponsoring radio programs
Businesses and organizations can support KMUZ by becoming an underwriter.  Underwriting (sponsoring) is giving a tax-deductible donation in exchange for on-air mentions and a listing on our website.  Show your support for your community station by becoming a KMUZ sponsor!  For more information, email

What services does KMUZ provide?

  • Entertainment through a wide variety of music, with a local focus and music you don’t hear on commercial stations
  • Local event calendar aired twice daily
  • Information through talk shows that cover mid-Valley public affairs and culture
  • Public Service Announcements from area nonprofits and government agencies
  • Business/Organization recognition through sponsorships and underwriting
  • Training to area residents to become engineers, DJs and Program Hosts
  • Promotion of local events via “roving reporters”
  • An opportunity to be a part of this exciting venture with many volunteer opportunities!

For more information contact us:
Twitter:  @KMUZ885
Physical address:  245 Division St NE, Suite 300,  Salem, OR
Mailing address: P.O. Box 12038, Salem OR 97309
Office: 503-990-6091
DJ Line: 503-990-6101

For volunteer opportunities:
Find out about sponsoring:
Submit a public service announcement:
Submit an event for our on-air calendar:  Go to “Submit Your Event
General information:

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