KMUZ DJ Program Application

Important Information for Program Applicants

Many community members are inspired to join KMUZ because they want to be heard on-air as a DJ or a talk show host.  However, KMUZ requires a lot of work from a lot of people in order to operate.  All DJs must contribute to the station in realms outside of programming in order to have the privilege of hosting a show.

As a KMUZ programmer, you are required to be a KMUZ “contributor in good standing,” attend regular programmer meetings, assist with on-air fund raising (i.e. pledge drive) and one public station-sponsored event per year. To be a “contributor in good standing”  you must contribute at least $40 annually or volunteer a minimum of four (4) hours in a three-month period.

All areas of operations at KMUZ are volunteer-run, and are directed by a Committee Chair.  There is always work to go around and be shared, and you can contribute in the ways that are aligned best with your talents and interests. Various options for volunteer opportunities exist in marketing, events, fundraising, production, administration, engineering, or any other part of KMUZ operations.  Talk to the Committee Chair in charge to join the team where you’d like to help.

We are excited to have you join the KMUZ family.  You are encouraged to start volunteering now, even before submitting your show proposal!  Write our Volunteer Coordinator to get started:

  Morning Afternoon Evening
How often will your show air? Weekly, twice weekly, monthly, once?
Many music programs are two hours, most talk shows are an hour or half an hour.

Please provide responses to the following

Thanks for applying!

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