Down in the Dirt with Diana – August 9, 2016 – Talking to Hank Burroughs about the Vegetable Test Beds at the Marion Garden

I visit the Marion Garden, the demonstration garden for the Marion County Master Gardeners, and talk to Hank Burroughs. Hank is the Master Gardener in charge of planning, planting and tending the vegetable beds there. His focus is on sustainability, resilience, and feeding yourself from your garden all year around.  


Down in the Dirt with Diana – July 26, 2016 – Talking to Lucille Whitman about Currants, Gooseberries and Mulberries

I visit Whitman Farms in Salem, Oregon, and talk to Lucille about a few of her specialties –  currants, gooseberries, and mulberries, and a few other plants along the way.  

Red_currants bor wiki

Down in the Dirt with Diana – May 24, 2016 – Spiders and Beneficial Insects with Gail Langolatto

I talk to Gail Langelotto, Associate Professor of Urban and Community Horticulture at Oregon State University, and the Statewide Master Gardener Program Coordinator about  beneficial insects and particularly about spiders and why we should appreciate them and encourage them in our gardens.

spider and fly cropped


Down in the Dirt with Diana – May 10, 2016 – Spring Blooming Clematis with Linda Beutler, and What Makes a Savvy Plant Shopper with Vanca Lumsden

I visit Linda Beutler, curator of the Brewster Rogerson Clematis Collection to talk about spring blooming clematis. then I talk to Vanca Lumsden and learn what makes a savvy plant shopper. 

ClematisBor Wiki

Down in the Dirt with Diana – April 12, 2016 – Building a Garden Show Display Garden and ‘Catios”- a Patio for Cats!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to create and build a display garden at a big garden show. I talk to Judith Jones and Vanca Lumsden who have been building gardens at the big Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle for over 20 years. Then, for the cat lovers out there, we learn about creating a ‘catio’ in your back yard – a patio for cats !

show_gardens FF