The Forum – 04/12/2019 – Charles Rynerson: Oregon’s Urban Rural Divide

Knowing population trends is an important factor in most state and local decisions. This Friday on The Forum we’ll hear Charles Rynerson, a demographic expert at Portland State University’s Population Research Center, present information on Oregon’s population, the upcoming 2020 Census, and our urban-rural divide.

The Forum – 03/22/2019 – Legislative overview: District 20 representative Paul Evans

This week on the Forum, District 20 representative Paul Evans gives an overview of the legislative session after a few weeks in progress and tells the Demo Forum luncheon session in Salem what big issues still lie ahead.

The Forum – 02/22/2019 – Dr Vinay Prasad talks about “Evidence-Based Medicine” – why to look again at treatments that are prescribed for millions of Americans

Modern medicine’s miracles lose some of their appeals when a drug or treatment is withdrawn because it turns out not to work. Dr. Vinay Prasad talks about “Evidence-Based Medicine” and has written a book about why proving the effectiveness of medical treatment is more important than ever before.

The Forum – 02/15/2019 – Analyzing Tax Policy: Where Does Oregon Go From Here?

This week on The Forum, state public-policy leaders face off to analyze taxes – where the money comes from to run all state government, its agencies, programs, and tasks – and how the process of taxation might be fixed to make it more fair and reliable.

Special Contribution to The Forum from Winter Pledge Drive – 02/04/2019 – Gender Balance: A conversation with five women community leaders

Melanie Zermer, program host for Willamette Wake Up talked with five women about moving toward a gender-balanced society: successes and challenges. The panelists were Shelaswau Crier, Danielle Meyer, Molly Mayhead, Naseem Rakha and Kate Schwarzler.