12-13-18 Waste Matters: Recology Organics – Aumsville

Tim Rice, Lead Compost Operator for Recology Organics of Aumsville, gave us the scoop on how they convert leaves, twigs, and food waste into black gold at their compost facility in Marion County.  Was he dishin’ dirt? Tune in to find out!


10-25-18 Waste Matters: Bailey Payne

Bailey Payne, Marion CountyMany of you know Bailey Payne for his leadership in recycling through Oregon Green School, and the Master Recycler Program. But did you know he is tackling a new project in school? Learn how packaging and delivery changes in school cafeterias cuts down on waste and energy consumption.

10-11-18 Waste Matters: Reed Carlson

Who is Reed Carlson and why should you know him?  Clue: Reed is the brand spankin’ new Recycling / Marketing Coordinator for the Mid-Valley Garbage and Recycling Association….bet you didn’t know that! Tune in to find out how he’s helping to reduce waste in Marion County.

8-23-18 Waste Matters: Master Recycler Program, Jean Swap

Master RecyclerEver wonder what it takes to become a Master Recycler? Hear from Alan Pennington, the new Master Recycler Program Coordinator for Marion County about what the class entails and if you would be the perfect candidate. Also find out how you can put your old jeans to good use at the Blue Jeans Swap at the Salem Public Library.

8-09-18 Waste Matters: Jessica Ramey is back!

Jessica Ramey went MIA this past year but has rejoined her comrades at Marion County Environmental Services as a waste reduction coordinator. Find out how the local art scene flourished during her absence and how the waste reduction outreach will rock now that she’s “home again.”

06-28-18 Waste Matters: Salem Harvest

Elise Bauman, executive director of Salem Harvest, filled us in on the what’s, why’s, and how Salem Harvest fills the unusual niche of harvesting food that would ordinarily go to waste and help get it into the homes of the locally hungry. If you’ve ever had a hankerin’ to pick and grin (food) for the needy you need to hear this.

5-24-18 Waste Matters: Green Burials

Elizabeth Fournier, AKA The Green Reaper, joined Waste Matters to help us dive into the realms of “green burials.”  Ms Fournier, author of The Green Burial Guidebook, filled us in on the what, why, and where of having an affordable, environmentally friendly burial.   This one is a must hear!