KMUZ News – April 2017

Program Changes – Special Elections
KMUZ Fundraiser


Election Coverage

May 16th is the special election. Last day to register to vote: April 25th. This election includes School board and other special districts as well as local bond measures and operating levies.

Listen for coverage of key races and issues on Willamette Wake Up, 8-9am. After the broadcast, find the podcast on the website under “Program Archives – Willamette Wake-Up

Tentative KMUZ Election Topics Schedule:

  • Fri Mar 30:     Salem Police Bond (opposition – We Can Do Better Committee)
  • Fri Apr 7:        Polk County Bond Measure
  • Thur Apr 13:   Kathleen Harder & Mark Bateman (S/K School Board)
  • Fri Apr 14:      Ross Schartzendruber & Sheronne Blasi (S/K School Board)
  • Thur Apr 20:   Jessie Lippold & Levi Herarra-Lopez (S/K School Board)
  • Fri Apr 21:      Salvador Diaz, Peggy Cline, Kristina Mann, Steve Milligan (Central Sch Brd)
  • Thur Apr 27:   Kathy Goss & Jonathan Baker (S/K School Board)
  • Fri Apr 28:      Salem Police Bond (proponents – Friends of Salem Police Campaign)
  • Thur May 4:    Patrick Schwab & Doug Rodgers (Cherriots Transit Dist.)
  • Fri May 5:       Ivan W. Barnes & Dave Hunt (Dallas Sch Brd)
  • Thur May 11    Stayton Gas Tax Measure and Jefferson School Bond Measure


KMUZ Fundraiser – Save the Date!

Support KMUZ when the Pentacle Theatre runs “Leading Ladies” on the evening of Wednesday, May 31st. Save the date and stay tuned for details. To learn more about Pentacle Theatre and this show, see



Program Changes

 Theatre Talk expands to a full hour. Hear it on first and third Fridays, 9 to 10 am. Reel Film Snobs is moving to second and fourth Fridays (9:30-10am) to accommodate this change.

Mid Valley Mutations – experimental music and more for the adventurous radio listener – expands to two hours. Hear it Friday nights, 10 pm to midnight.

Music and Movies (alternate Fridays) is leaving, but program host Mike Beard is not. It’s! The Weird Mike Beard Show airs Monday nights, 9-11pm. The best of rock ‘n’ roll pop.

Antiquity Radio, with John Starbuck, moves and expands. Listen to music from the 1920’s, ‘30’s and 40’s on Sunday afternoons, 2 to 4 pm.

The Breeze, with new program host Dennis Willer, brings you contemporary jazz on Wednesday mornings, 9-11am.

Western Swingtime moves from Tuesday mornings to Monday mornings, 9-10am.

Salem History Matters – local history viewed by current residents – repeats on Sunday mornings, 9:30-10am. Original broadcast remains at the Thursday noon time slot.

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