KMUZ News – March 2017

International Women’s Day was first observed in 1909. U.S. Congress established the second week of March as Women’s History Week in 1981 and expanded the commemoration to the entire month of March in 1987.

In celebration of Women’s accomplishments and influence world-wide, many KMUZ program hosts will dedicate at least one of their March shows to women. Here are just a few:

*Mundo Mojo on March 8th @ 3 pm: Showcasing women whose difficult lives resulted in beautiful music. One such artist – Aziza Brahim who grew up in the severe conditions of desert refugee camps in Algeria; she discovered music to express her thoughts on resistance.

*Celtic Music Hour on March 10th @ 7 pm: Celebrating Celtic women, including Maev and Bouddica, ancient warrior queens; Grania, Pirate Queen during Elizabethan times; female patriots in the 1916 Easter Rising; and modern day Ireland presidents – Mary MacAleese and Mary Robinson. A little history interweaved with all women’s Celtic music.

*Terra Fermatta on March 12th at 11 am: Featuring women composers throughout history from the renaissance thru to modern day, with an emphasis on under-performed pieces.

*Willamette Wake Up March 16th @ 8:15 am: Dr. Molly Mayhead, Professor of Communication Studies at Western Oregon University, reviews the history of the Women’s Movement.




New Program Segments!

National Native News. Monday through Friday at 5 pm. A five minute, weekday newscast dedicated to Native issues. Compiles spot news reports from around the country. KMUZ’s afternoon Cultural Calendar, previously airing at that time will move to 3 pm.

Legislative Matters: Tune in. Take Part. with Cindy Condon & Jan Margosian. This dynamic duo will discuss legislative issues to inspire you and tell you how to get involved. Every Monday @ 8:15 am on Willamette Wake Up during the legislative session.



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