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Epilogue – Book Club for Youth and Young Adults

Elijah Rakha-Sheketoff reviews one book each month on the 4th Sunday of every Month at 3:00pm. Check it out, call in, and join the discussion!

Epilogue 2/24/2013
Elijah Rakha-Sheketoff reviews one book each month on the 4th Sunday of every Month at 3:00pm. This Month, it’s The Hobbit. Check it out, call in, and join the discussion!

KMUZ Grand Opening Event

KMUZ Open House Video, Part 1
KMUZ Open House Video, Part 2
We had a blast, the event was a success, and the proof is right here! Check it! Thanks to Ken Cartwright for filming, editing, and posting these videos.

Melanie in the Morning – Mid Valley News Magazine

. Melanie interviews ordinary people who live extraordinary lives on Tuesday Mornings at 9:00am. Catch it and learn something!

Melanie in the Morning, 12/25/2012
Melanie reads interesting Holiday stories from her listeners on Christmas Morning.

Melanie in the Morning, 12/18/2012 Part 1
Melanie continues her Third Tuesday look at early Salem Women with Virginia Green.
Melanie in the Morning, 12/18/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Peter Bergel, Program Director of Oregon Peaceworks about the direction of OPW, the new leadership, and his work in non-violence, peace and justice issues.

Melanie in the Morning, 12/11/2012
Melanie interviews Steve Morton, a native-born Salemite, restauranteur (remember Morton’s Bistro?). Now he’s cooking up a storm at Marion Polk Food Share. Listen to his story and find out what he is up to at the Food Share.

Melanie in the Morning, 12/4/2012
Did you know that over 70% of fire fighters in the United States are volunteers? Find out what that means for the mid-Valley when Melanie Belle talks to two fire chiefs in Rural Fire Districts: Chief Gary Swanson, of Gates, and Chief Jason Cane from Polk County.

Melanie in the Morning, 11/27/2012
Melanie interviews Shannon Forrestall, one of two physical therapists who are treating children with bed wetting issues by addressing “core” muscle weakness. Shannon and Judy Abel, practitioners at the Pelvic Wellness Center, will talk about how they work with children and adults with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy pain, post-partum conditions, and pelvic pain disorders.

Melanie in the Morning, 11/20/2012
It’s third Tuesday! Join Melanie Belle for her regular guest, Virginia Green. Virgina will tell us the tale of the Breyman woman, early settlers of Salem.

Melanie in the Morning, 11/13/2012 Part 1
Melanie gets an update from Lucy Sedgwick of the Sierra Club on the Coal Train Export Terminal process, and what is next in the movement of opposition.
Melanie in the Morning, 11/13/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Dave Hammock, long time Community Radio Activist, manager, programmer, and historian about the history of Community Radio in the light of sudden changes at KPOJ from progressive talk to Fox Sports overnight with no warning.

Melanie in the Morning, 11/06/2012
Melanie interviews Kelly Griffin. Kelly had always wanted to be a surrogate mother. Her dream came true! Hear about Kelly’s experience helping an out-of-state gay couple have a baby (in a way only a woman could) .

Melanie in the Morning, 10/30/2012
Are you wondering what’s happening with Salem’s “Third Bridge” proposals? On Tuesday Oct. 30 Melanie interviews City Councilor Chuck Bennett and Transit District Member Bob Krebs, talking about the need, proposals, and next steps.

Melanie in the Morning, 10/23/2012
Melanie interviews Petra Berger, President of the Marion & Polk County League of Women Voters (LWV). We will talk about the mission of the LWV and current initiatives on the ballot. Find out which ones LWV have taken a position on and why.

Melanie in the Morning, 10/16/2012
Melanie hosts Virginia Green talking about Rachel Brooks, an African-American pioneer woman who came out West as a slave. She bore children by her “master,” sued his estate, and bought a house. Quite rightly!

Melanie in the Morning, 10/09/2012
Melanie interviews Whitney Jones, producer of “Dry Town” a documentary about the history of Monmouth’s Dry laws and the vote to overturn them in 2002. Ex Monmouth Mayor and KMUZ programmer Paul Evans is also a guest in the studio and appears in the documentary.

Melanie in the Morning, 10/02/2012
Melanie talks with several Pentacle members involved in the production “The Laramie Project” about the origins of the play and issues facing the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered). To learn more about the play dates and ticket info:

Melanie in the Morning, 09/25/2012
Melanie interviews John Frohnmayer, former chair of the National Endowment for the Arts from 1989-1992. Does “Piss Christ” or Robert Maplethorpe ring a bell? Tune in for some of John’s nostalgic stories about the controversy between the religious right and the arts and find out what John is doing now with Oregon Humanities.

Melanie in the Morning, 09/18/2012 Part 1
Melanie and Virginia discuss this month’s Salem Women in History… telling us the tale of Lydia Bryant Hines
Melanie in the Morning, 09/18/2012 Part 2
Melanie interviews new Salem resident Lucy Sedgwick of the Sierra Club about the proposal to ship coal from Montana to the west coast and the trains that would run through Salem as a result…

Melanie in the Morning, 09/11/2012
Mo Strellrecht has developed a collection of the life stories of victims of the 911 disaster as her way of dealing with the human tragedy and how it has affected her.

Melanie in the Morning, 09/04/2012
Executive Director of Oregon PeaceWorks discusses the state of the world and actions to change it with Melanie.

Melanie in the Morning, 08/21/2012
Salem Women in History with Virginia Green, and the topic is scandal and divorce in the early days of Salem…

Melanie in the Morning, 08/14/2012 Part 1
TerriAnne Petzold discusses the United Way with Melanie
Melanie in the Morning, 08/14/2012 Part 2
Musician and songwriter Audrianna Cole is Melanie’s guest with an unusual path to early success in the music business…

Melanie in the Morning, 08/07/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews the grandson of the Enchanted Forest’s creator, Derrick Vaslev.about the park and Doug Hoffman about an upcoming music festival in the park.
Melanie in the Morning, 08/07/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Julie Warnanke of the City about a potential neighborhood-connecting path between two historic cemeteries in South Salem.

Melanie in the Morning, 07/31/2012
Ever wonder who the heck Homer Davenport is? The City of Silverton honors him every year with a week-end festival devoted to him. Melanie’s guest, Gus Frederick knows as much as anybody and is ready to share all – including highlights of this coming week-end’s festival.

Melanie in the Morning, 07/24/2012
Melanie talks with Zach MacMillan, a community organizer who has embraced anarchy as method of creating community. Find out what anarchy really means and how Zach is incorporating it into his life.
Melanie in the Morning, 07/24/2012 Part 2
In part 2, Melanie talks with Gus Frederick about Relay for Life.

Melanie in the Morning, 07/17/2012 Part 1
Third Tuesday means a chat with Virginia Green and the topic is another in their series about early Salem women of note and influence.
Melanie in the Morning, 07/17/2012 Part 2
In part 2, Melanie talks beer with Peter Booth of the Willamette Heritage Center.

Melanie in the Morning, 07/10/2012
Saving the Family Farm! Why is the mid-Valley losing farm land and how can we make people want to farm? Melanie Belle will start the discussion with Rep. Brian Clem who has shepharded legislation to assist family farmers.
Melanie in the Morning, 07/10/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Salem Police Officer Mark Jantz about National Night Out.

Melanie in the Morning, 07/03/2012 Part 1
Joseph couldn’t find a job…so he created a business! Find out about Steelbridge Coffee, fresh roasted and delivered by bicycle!
Melanie in the Morning, 07/03/2012 Part 2
In part 2, Kristin Mitchell and Chris Havel will talk about the latest approach to ridding the beaches of tsunami debris.

Melanie in the Morning, 06/26/2012 Part 1
Melanie’s first of two guests is Marilyn Dailey from Salem’s 50 Plus Center… Find out how to age gracefully and healthfully…
Melanie in the Morning, 06/26/2012 Part 2
Find out what programs the library is offering this summer for kids. Child’s librarian, Karen Fisher will tell us.

Melanie in the Morning, 06/19/2012
Melanie and Virginia Green, discuss their continuing saga of Salem’s first women (every 3rd Tuesday)
Melanie in the Morning, 06/12/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews Roxanne Livingston, licensed professional counselor and author of “Chronically Hurtful People: How to Identify and Deal with the Difficult, Destructive and Disconnected”
Melanie in the Morning, 06/12/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Keizer author, Gina Oshsner, about her book reading/signing at Book Bin on June 13 – the book: Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight.
Melanie in the Morning, 06/12/2012 Part 3
Melanie talks with two Salem Police Officers about protecting yourself from crime and scams.
Melanie in the Morning, 06/05/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews Eric Wuest, local artist, who will talk about being an artist in the mid-Valley, and his very personal route to success and happiness in his calling.
Melanie in the Morning, 06/05/2012 Part 2
Melanie talks with Willis Miller, an insurance agent, who will discuss shopping for health insurance in today’s market, including his brief take on Obamacare, Canada’s system, and some aspects of a single payer system.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/29/2012
Melanie leads a discussion about organ donation by inmates. While such donations are currently banned, one inmate on death row, Chris Longo, is trying to change that. Tune in to hear the pros and cons of this issue.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/22/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews Kim & Jim Buckner: co-chairs of S-K Relay for Life, talking about the importance of this summer’s event for cancer survivors and their loved ones. They will share their personal stories.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/22/2012 Part 2
Melanie chats with Kirk Leonard: Active member of Marion/Polk Move to Amend, talking about a new video production of the history of the 1886 court case that gave corporations the legal status of “person.”
Melanie in the Morning, 05/15/2012 Part 1
While I’m recovering, Marc Nassar will host this week’s episode which includes… Virgina Green and Salem’s historical women: This month hear about David Leslie and the women of the Mission – the beneficial, the damaging & the tragic.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/15/2012 Part 2
Hey Friends and Fans of the new hour long format of Melanie in the Morning. While I’m recovering, Marc Nassar will host this week’s episode which includes Nate Rafn, talking the local food movement. There are ever new trends in eating local. And Nate is on top of it.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/08/2012
Melanie Interviews Tihn Mahoney, musician, filmmaker and founder of Village Schools. Find out how Tihn joined inmates at Oregon State Penitentiary to build schools in Viet Nam Villages.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/01/2012 Part 2
Melanie Belle interviews Moe Stellrecht, who is a wetlands manager in the Mid Valley, and talks with Melanie about Wetlands, how they are managed, traded, developed and their role in the land use laws of Oregon.
Melanie in the Morning, 05/01/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews Bill Burgess and Valerie Unger, the County Clerks for Marion and Polk counties to talk about their roles in the electoral process.
Melanie in the Morning, 04/24/2012
Melanie Belle Melanie interviews Tom O’connor, former head chaplan for Dept. of Corrections and now consultant for Transforming Corrections. We’ll be talking about the death penalty in Oregon. Is it time to repeal it for the third time?
Melanie in the Morning, 04/17/2012 Part 2
Melanie Belle interviews David Cobb , co-founder of Move to Amend, a growing movement committed to overturning the concept of Corporate Personhood.
Melanie in the Morning, 04/17/2012 Part 1
Melanie interviews Virginia Green, writer and historian, about the origins of Salem. The series will continue every Third Tuesday with a feature about an important Oregon Woman.
Melanie in the Morning, 04/10/2012
Melanie Belle hosts Julian Snow, local musician and Willamette University Music Instructor. We’ll talk about his latest music projects produced under the Warble Records label and how music distribution is changing. Julian wishes to clarify that his comparison of Peter DeGroot to Daniel Johnston relates to Peter’s brilliance and fecundity as a “lo-fi” songwriter. Peter is pretty normal psychologically.
Melanie in the Morning, 04/03/2012
Tuesday April 3, join Melanie and her guest Ellen Miller, Executive Director of the GEM Foundation. Find out about this relatively new organizatition and how it helps parents of children with special needs.
Melanie in the Morning, 03/27/2012
Join me and my guest A.P. Walther, long term resident of Salem, former Coffee House Cafe owner and publisher of the Salem Weekly. We’ll talk about life in Salem and issues facing Salem’s downtown.
Melanie in the Morning, 03/20/2012
Melanie interviews Jim Schepkke, state librarian emeritus, and Virginia Green, Salem historian about their new KMUZ88.5fm radio show SHINE on Salem. Their first show, about 1935, will air immediately after the interview.
Melanie in the Morning, 03/13/2012
Melanie interviews Max Marbles the Bookbinder who restores old valuable books and documents in the Willamette Heritage Center… he has some great insights to people through books and photos…
Melanie in the Morning, 03/06/2012
Melanie interviews Cy Eberhart, author of “Will Rogers: Discovering the Soul of America” in a lively interview about Will Rogers, the importance of play, and other social phenomenon.
Melanie in the Morning, 02/28/2012
Melanie interviews Tim Knight, former owner of Guitar Castle as they remember the renowned musician John Fahey (Tim and John were musical partners in the 90’s) and Knight’s own band and their recently released CD – Bohemian Enclave
Melanie in the Morning, 02/21/2012
Melanie interviews Willamette History Professor Bill Smalldone about his new book “European Socialism, a Concise History”, exploring the history of the social democratic movement in Europe and related ides. This is a fantastic interview!
Melanie in the Morning, 02/14/2012
Melanie interviews Diana Dickey and Lori Beamer, discussing a social experiment where people sign up to experience poverty first hand for a period of several weeks. Check it out learn about your community!
Melanie in the Morning, 02/07/2012
Melanie in the Morning interviews Adria Farina-Miller. Adria was one of the 48 “media specialists” laid off by Salem Keizer School Districts. Find out what “media specialists” did and what lessons our young children are missing in the “information age.”
Melanie in the Morning, 01/31/2012
Melanie talks about Salem municipal airport issues with Valerie Brown, coordinator of Oregon Aviation Watch for Salem. What is happening at McNary field and how does it affect you? Listen in and see!
Melanie in the Morning, 01/24/2012
Melanie interviews Tom O’Connor, former Head Chaplan of Oregon Department of Corrections and current consultant for Transforming Corrections. The topic: Importance of “making meaning in life” to predicting recidivism rates of inmates in the system.
Melanie in the Morning, 01/17/2012
Melanie’s guest is Kerry Topal, Marion Polk Move to Amend Affiliate Chair and their discussion covers Move-to-Amend, international cultural issues, activism, and more.
Melanie in the Morning, 01/10/2012
Melanie romps through an interview with Mike Perron and Dave Jenkins, creators of the Salem hit flick, Salemia.
Melanie in the Morning, 12/27/2011
Melanie interviews Kimberly Fanshier, who upon graduating from college, could not find a job and ended up working in an oil operation that included hydraulic fracking in North Dakota. She has an interesting story to tell.
Melanie in the Morning, 12/20/2011
Melanie interviews author Linda Lindholm about her book “Widow’s Key” dealing with loss and grief, with an emphasis in the discussion about dealing with the holidays.
Melanie in the Morning, 12/13/2011
Melanie interviews author and historian Gus Frederick about his book on the history of Silverton, the old family farm, and other cool stuff.



Special Needs, Special Parents

Tuesdays at Noon. The GEM foundation collective hosts a series of discussions with experts in the field about raising children with special needs, including the stories of how parents cope, support systems, and a better understanding of the special needs community.

Special Needs, Special Parents 12/25/2012
Deanne Bass Interviews Julie Hoy. Julie is a gifted local musician. Listen to Julie’s inspirational words, music and children’s book!

Special Needs, Special Parents 12/18/2012
Tami Ju interviews Roberta Dunn from F.A.C.T. They discuss parent support for parents navigating the special education process.

Special Needs, Special Parents 12/4/2012
Deanne Bass interviews Patie Taylor, president of the Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association. Deanne interviews Melissa Potts of Specialty music for the second part of the show Melissa is a Music therapist and offers music therapy sessions to individuals of all ages and ability levels at Special “T” Music.

Special Needs, Special Parents 11/27/2012
Deanne Bass interviews Eileen O’connor. Eileen is the instructor for a special needs dance class for children at the Battlecreek Courthouse Athletic Club in Salem. Parents with children in this class are also interviewed.

Special Needs, Special Parents 11/20/2012
Tami Ju interviews Susanne Rosen, founder of the Adaptive Riding Institute in Turner. She also interviews a parent who has a child that enjoys participating in the program.

Special Needs, Special Parents – 11/06/2012
Dr. Phyllis Egby and Dr. Arwood continue to discuss Neuroscience and its application for educating students with special needs. Part II of II

Special Needs, Special Parents 10/30/2012
Dr. Phyllis Egby interviews Dr. Arwood about neuroscience and education. This is part I of II.

Special Needs, Special Parents 10/23/2012
Jamie Peterson from the GEM ( George E. Miller) Children’s Foundation discusses information about the foundation.Deanne Bass lists upcoming events from the GEM website.

Special Needs, Special Parents 10/16/2012
Christine Ertl LCSW and Reid Thurston LCSW MAC, from Valley Mental Health in Salem discuss tips on addressing social challenges.

Special Needs, Special Parents 10/9/2012
Discussion with Dr. Keith Swanson, local therapist that provides social skills therapy for youth and adults.

Special Needs, Special Parents 10/02/2012
Roxanne Warren continues to discuss Autism. Deanne Bass shares teaching tools that are designed for students with Autism.

Special Needs, Special Parents 9/25/2012 Part 1
Special Needs, Special Parents 9/25/2012 Part 2
Roxanne Warren provides information on assisting individuals with Autism.

Special Needs, Special Parents 9/18/2012
Roxanne Warren is a local Speech Therapist and Autism consultant. She discusses characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Special Needs, Special Parents 9/04/2012
Easter Seals of Oregon. Variety of professionals from the West Salem site share program information.

Special Needs, Special Parents 8/21/2012
Discussion with Ken Kosko: Academic Testing

Special Needs, Special Parents 8/14/2012
Discussion with Dr. Richard Steinberg: Treatment of ADHD

Special Needs, Special Parents 8/7/2012
Discussion with Dr Richard Steinberg: Defining ADHD

Mashup with Marc – Eclectic Americana – music you feel.

Fridays, 2-4 pm Playlists of this show are on Spinitron: Mash Up with Marc Playlists.

Labor Day Interview/Performance with Melissa Greener, Part 1 Click for the Podcast
Labor Day Interview/Performance with Melissa Greener, Part 2 Click for the Podcast
MashUp with Marc Interviews Melissa Greener of Detroit, Nashville, and Austin about music and life, and she performs 9 songs LIVE ON THE AIR for us… Look for more explorations into the musical minds of artists from all over the country now that we’re on the air! whooopee!

Melissa Greener bringin’ it to us live on KMUZ!!

Various Events Covered by KMUZ Staff

Chef at the Salem Saturday Market Click for the Podcast
KMUZ covers Chef Marc of Baklava Central – while he demonstrates his Zucchini Pancakes at the Salem Saturday Market. Look for more arts and cultural coverage when KMUZ gets back on the air after Halloweeen!!

Eric Lovre Click for the Podcast

The Eric Lovre Band – which grew out of the Dharma Bums – are featured before their appearance at the KMUZ Beggar’s Ball April 16th.

Please make your plans to join us!



Fixed and Dialated Click for the Podcast

KMUZ sat down with one of the featured bands at the upcoming Beggar’s Ball on April 16th. Fixed and Dilated – rumored to be the house band at Cafe Noir – will play along with the rest of the lineup at the Ball.

Please make your plans to join us!



Rich McCloud Click for the Podcast

Rich McCloud plays a few tunes and discusses his music in this podcast in advance of the upcoming Beggar’s Ball, April 16th at Cafe Noir, downtown Salem.

Rich brought his guitar along and played a few songs in-studio.

PLEASE NOTE: the third song contains some R-rated language! While it wouldn’t make the cut for actual airplay due to the language, it is perfectly legal to play on a podcast. Just don’t say you weren’t forewarned.

Find Rich McCloud here on Facebook.



Monoplane Click for the Podcast

In advance of the upcoming KMUZ Beggar’s Ball, we check in with headliner Monoplane. The band, consisting of Doug Hoffman, David Ballantyne, Mitch Duafa and Matt Hall, yuk it up with 70s music trivia, explain where the name ‘Monoplane’ came from and play some exquisitely thrashing tunes from their new CD.

Find Monoplane and ‘like’ them here on Facebook.



DSRP Click for the Podcast

Here’s another sampling of one of the musical acts that will be appearing at the KMUZ Beggar’s Ball on Saturday, April 16th. Daniel Rafn of D.S.R. spends some time discussing his music – and plays a few tunes for us. D.S.R. is set to play at about 5 PM on the 16th at Cafe Noir.

Click here
to check out D.S.R.’s website and listen in on some more music!


Sons of Huns Click for the Podcast

Here’s a good look and listen to one of the bands playing in our upcoming Beggars Ball, set for April 16th at Cafe Noir at 610 Marion Street in Salem.

Tim Gordon sat down recently with Ryan, Peter and Shoki, who make up the Sons of Huns, based on Portland. Check out a few of their tunes and learn a bit about the band.

Here’s the Sons of Huns site on MySpace…check it out for more music samples and a bunch of photos!



KMUZ State of the Station December 2010 Click for the Podcast

In this informative, action-packed podcast discussion, KMUZ Volunteer Tim Gordon, KMUZ Executive Director Karen Holman and KMUZ Volunteer Coordinator discuss all of the happenings of late in the life of KMUZ, the up-and-coming, but not-quite-on-the-air-yet Mid-Willamette Valley Community Radio Station.

In this podcast, learn about:

  • new equipment for the studio
  • where will the studio be?
  • progress on the tower location
  • new WINES – KMUZ non-profit organization founded
  • Willamette University’s programming involvement

and more…

If you are finally getting excited – plan on joining us either by donating time, energy or money to help make our area’s first ever community radio station a reality!


KMUZ State of the Station May 2010 Click for the Podcast

KMUZ Executive Director Karen Holman and host Tim Gordon sit down to discuss the ‘State of the Station’ in this wide-ranging discussion. From fund-raising to summer membership drive events…from a little history of the FCC license application to pending grant applications…from potential KMUZ programming to on-air training…it’s all here in this first ‘State of the Station’ podcast.


KMUZ Steffens Interview Click for the Podcast

Who is Roger Steffens? If the name is unfamiliar to you, take some time and listen to this podcast. It’ll give you a great introduction to the man KMUZ is planning to bring to Oregon this fall to give a fundraising multi-media event called “The Life of Bob Marley.”

Steffens – a long time public speaker, author, publisher and owner of the world’s largest reggae collection – has also been involved in community radio for decades. So he’s keen on doing the show for KMUZ to help us get the radio station on the air soon.

Listen to the podcast – decide it you’d like to help bring Roger to Oregon for the KMUZ fundraiser – and GET INVOLVED! You can donate by clicking the button on the upper right column. Or call Tim (who’s organizing the event with Roger) at 503-507-4110. Or send a check and designate it as a Roger Steffens Event donation. Or send an email and ask how you can get involved.

Check out Roger’s Reggae Supersite here.

Learn more about Roger on this Wikipedia page.


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