KMUZ Board of Directors

The KMUZ Board of Directors

Kerry Fox was a science teacher overseas for eight years before returning to the states for graduate school where she studied sustainable community development.  Since moving to Salem in 2011, Kerry has been deeply involved in the Salem community by establishing a chapter for Move To Amend, working for Oregon Peaceworks, and co-founding the Salem Food Co-op.  She is a high school science teacher at Roberts High School in Salem.  She sees community radio as essential to true democracy and community engagement. She serves as the secretary on the Board of Directors and can be reached at [email protected].

Verland Kelly served in the U.S. Navy and owned a financial services and accounting firm in Monrovia California. He and his wife, Pam, recently moved to Salem and are both involved at KMUZ. Verland serves as the board’s treasurer and can be reached at [email protected].

Pam Kelly is a fourth generation Californian who recently moved to the mid-Willamette Valley. She is a longtime volunteer (50 years plus), community activist, fundraiser, special event planner and retired small business owner. She has been a supporter of community radio since 1975 and read about KMUZ on an internet blog. She sent in a donation to get the station on the air and became a volunteer shortly after moving to Salem. She is now the House Mother/Volunteer Coordinator at the station and can be reached at [email protected].

Steve McCoid retired in 2015 from a career managing statewide trade associations. He served exactly 16 years and three months as President and CEO of both the Oregon Grocery Association and the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association. Which he says, “illustrates the amount of time I can take managing a statewide association!” Steve grew up in Tacoma, Washington, and graduated with a BA in Political Science from Seattle University. Steve and his wife Collier have raised four daughters and enjoy their four grandchildren tremendously. Steve has served on a number of statewide, non-profit boards of directors including Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force (President of the board for 4 years),  Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Council on Problem Gambling, National Restaurant Association, National Grocers Association, Oregon Society of Association Executives (Chairman of board), and the list goes on. Most recently, Steve was a member of the Salem City Council for four years, serving as Council President all four years. Steve currently is a member of the board of the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency.
According to Steve, his 45 years in Salem have been good to him and his family, and he intends to stay busy serving the community in as many ways as possible. He wants to give back to a city he loves “as long as doing so doesn’t impact my ability to enjoy golfing as much as possible, weather permitting.” He is ready to assist KMUZ in making it Salem’s most effective community radio station.

Bill Smaldone moved to Salem from New York in 1991 to take a job teaching European history at Willamette University. A former Salem City Councilor and currently the chair of the South East Salem Neighborhood Association, he believes that KMUZ community radio will enrich and strengthen Salem’s cultural and political life. He serves as president on the governing board and can be reached at [email protected].

Melanie Zermer has been an advocate for local issues for over 20 years.  She worked for the Oregon Legislature before starting a massage therapy practice in 1995. She served on her neighborhood association board for 15 years. She believes in building community and sees KMUZ as a way to bring together the diverse aspects of the mid-Valley through music, talk, and entertainment.

David Duncan was raised in Salem, has worked as a Public Safety Dispatcher and a Database Administrator, and continues freelancing in videography and individual tech training/consulting. He has enjoyed helping scores of people get started in community television and community radio for over a decade. Various KMUZ volunteer staff positions held since 2012 include Training Coordinator, Program Review Committee member, Operations Team, Station Archivist, and host/engineer for several talk shows. Duncan joined the Board in 2021.

Bruce Northwood: I started out as a child in Philadelphia who loved classical music and played rock n’ roll on the radio in Philly for 12 years. I then moved on to Washington D.C. and worked in international broadcasting for the next 36 years. I retired after 48 years in the radio business in 2015 and moved to Salem, Oregon and discovered KMUZ 2 years ago where it felt so good to be back in a radio studio. My love of classical music began the first time I heard it. I love to turn folks on to music they may be less familiar with because anytime you hear or learn something new, it’s a better day.