Cool Sheets Episode 113

Cool Sheets Episode 113

Show Notes

Our newest podcast is up! Brian shares an article that addresses something that he knows he needs to work on, one of his all-time favorite kitchen tools that he can't believe he hasn't mentioned before, a cool video series, an eating lifestyle that he can no longer ignore and finally tried and another breakthrough global company that could solve one of the world's biggest problems. Karen discusses a TV show that’s been around forever but might be dismissed by some (like she did for so long), a groovy type of getaway that she longs for, an easy DIY comfy home remedy, an amazing scientist that is still making a global impact as she enters her 80s, and ways that *you* can effortlessly make a global impact too! Listen on your favorite podcast app or on our website where you can also get all the links to this week's #coolsheets!

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