Cool Sheets Episode 32

Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets Episode 32

Show Notes

We have another great episode of Cool Sheets for you! Brian shares a mind-blowing hack for tomatoes and reluctantly dispels a myth he's held on to for over 15+ years. And Karen, well she just shares an idea that can save the world. No big deal.

Check out the episode and all the links on our website here. :)

About Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets is a condensed way for you to learn new things to enhance various aspects of your life. Hosts Brian Hart and Karen Holman take turns spending two minutes describing something – a “cool sheet” – that we use or enjoy. When two minutes are up, the other host immediately moves onto the next topic, giving a total of ten cool sheets for each show. Examples vary widely: an electronic device, a book, a nonprofit to engage with, a movie, someone to follow on Instagram, a website.

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