Cool Sheets Episode 33

Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets Episode 33

Show Notes

For this week's episode, special guest co-host Jessica Amos steps in for Brian while he's away.  Jessica's #coolsheets include her favorite movie of all time, her favorite blog, and a great lifestyle approach to cleaning. Karen talks about one of her favorite documentaries, an incredible woman who is one of the most brilliant mathematicians of our time, and "the rhizome". Find out about these #coolsheets and more by listening and following the links on


About Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets is a condensed way for you to learn new things to enhance various aspects of your life. Hosts Brian Hart and Karen Holman take turns spending two minutes describing something – a “cool sheet” – that we use or enjoy. When two minutes are up, the other host immediately moves onto the next topic, giving a total of ten cool sheets for each show. Examples vary widely: an electronic device, a book, a nonprofit to engage with, a movie, someone to follow on Instagram, a website.

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