Cool Sheets Episode 38

Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets Episode 38

Show Notes

Here's another fun episode of Cool Sheets that is all over the place! Brian tells you about something that has been hovering over you for your whole life that you may have never noticed--look up!--and reveals an eye-opening podcast that will challenge your view of prisoners.  Karen describes a powerful online photography exhibit that delves into difficult lives of people around the world, and then she takes a moment to go into professor-mode to teach you a little bit of chemistry that affects all of us and life on Earth.  Check out these and all of the other #coolsheets that you do not want to miss!  Follow along on our website,

About Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets is a condensed way for you to learn new things to enhance various aspects of your life. Hosts Brian Hart and Karen Holman take turns spending two minutes describing something – a “cool sheet” – that we use or enjoy. When two minutes are up, the other host immediately moves onto the next topic, giving a total of ten cool sheets for each show. Examples vary widely: an electronic device, a book, a nonprofit to engage with, a movie, someone to follow on Instagram, a website.

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