Episode 13 — Salem in 1959

Your Salem Through the Years (KMUZ Vault)

Episode 13 — Salem in 1959

Show Notes

1959This week on Your Salem Through the Years, Jim and Virginia recall Salem in 1959. Thirty-seven year old Mark O. Hatfield has been elected as Oregon's new governor. He and his wife are renovating their recently purchased home on High Street to be a suitable Governor's residence. The house was built in 1880 by Oregon pioneer Virgil Pringle, so it needs extensive renovation. Learn more about Mark Hatfield and his rapid rise in Oregon politics by listening to this week's show.

About Your Salem Through the Years (KMUZ Vault)

Discover the rich history of Salem and the Willamette Valley with local historian Virginia Green and State Librarian Emeritus Jim Scheppke. (From the KMUZ Archives)

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