Cool Sheets Episode 17

Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets Episode 17

Show Notes

Are you curious to find out how biased you *really* are? Would you like to whisk yourself away for a few hours to a tropical paradise or a friendly local nightclub? Want to find out how to protect your internet privacy as much as possible? Or discover an unusual but rich and nutritious snack? If your answer to even one of these is yes, listen up! Karen Holman and Brian Hart will tell you about all these #coolsheets, and way more.  While you're listening you can also follow along on our website for links to find out more info on all the #coolsheets that you're interested in.  This is another exciting episode that we hope inspires action in realms spanning from serious issues to whimsy and laughter. Thanks for joining us!

About Cool Sheets

Cool Sheets is a condensed way for you to learn new things to enhance various aspects of your life. Hosts Brian Hart and Karen Holman take turns spending two minutes describing something – a “cool sheet” – that we use or enjoy. When two minutes are up, the other host immediately moves onto the next topic, giving a total of ten cool sheets for each show. Examples vary widely: an electronic device, a book, a nonprofit to engage with, a movie, someone to follow on Instagram, a website.

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