The Forum 12/18/2020 The Future of Nurse-Driven Healthcare Reform

The Forum

The Forum 12/18/2020 The Future of Nurse-Driven Healthcare Reform

Show Notes

This week on the Forum, we are proud to bring you the Oregon Health Forum, a production of the Lund Report.   In Oregon, the Lund Report is well known as a source of exclusive in-depth, insider information to make the health-care system more accountable and transparent, with top-notch exclusive reporting on all aspects of the healthcare system, government agency relationships, health coverage, and scientific research. The Oregon Health Forum is a public event that’s being streamed this year. They have granted KMUZ access to these programs to bring wider distribution to the work of scientists, providers, educators, and consumer advocates.
This week on the Oregon Health Forum, nurses and nurse educators stepped up to point out holes in the healthcare system, differences in the quality of care for some communities, and ways to provide and teach healthcare to improve efficiency and outcomes.

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