Bob Reinhardt

The Forum 2/5/2021 — Wiping Out Smallpox: A Worldwide Success Story

The Forum

The Forum 2/5/2021 -- Wiping Out Smallpox: A Worldwide Success Story

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It was a plague that swept the nations of the world over and over, since the time of the mummy’s tomb. It was even what we would call today a “weaponized” microbe. But we made that germ extinct, a great victory for scientists and public health agencies worldwide. Idaho State professor Bob Reinhardt, the former director of the Willamette Heritage Center, returns to host an episode of “Zooming Back to History” recorded for this edition of The Forum, and explains how he spent years researching a new book on the end of smallpox.

Bob Reinhardt

Willamette Heritage Center's Zooming Back to History Series

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