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The Forum is a radio show on KMUZ FM dedicated to including you in lectures, interviews, and forums of public interest to the mid-Willamette Valley. Topics include the environment, public policy, science, and general public affairs.

The Forum is produced by Stella Shaffer and Melanie Zermer.
The Forum music theme was created and produced by Josh Wahlund.


Recent Episodes

The Forum

Humanity of Homelessness

Featuring: Unsheltered People and Advocates

The Forum

Frost Lecture. The Colonists Come Home to Britain

Featuring: Radhika Natarajan, Reed College, Oregon

The Forum

Salem Art Association & Oregon Black Pioneers Present: The Statesman and The Freedman

Featuring: Zachary Stocks, Oregon Black Pioneers

The Forum

Growing the Reach of Salem's Public Library System

Featuring: Jim Scheppke, Former Oregon State Librarian

The Forum

A Call to End "Natural" Gas

As more archived episodes are converted they will be linked from this page.
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